Welcome! My name is Mark O'Connor (B.A Hons Music) and I'm a professional composer for visual media, music educator and session guitarist. I've been a professional musician for the past 6 years, playing all over Ireland with various projects including my own original act Pyramid Hill. In my time as a musician I've played in some of the country's most well known venues and festivals and recorded in some of the most famous recording studios in the country such as Temple Lane Studios and Westland Studios. As a result I've gained extensive experience as a live performance musician as well as a recording artist, having worked with well known music producers such as Lance Hogan and some of the countries finest session musicians such as Jimmy Smyth and Karl Breen.

In my time studying music I also became passionate about music education, taking great inspiration from leading music educators such as Kenny Werner and Barry Green. I conducted several research projects in relation to fear, the ego and it's role in music performance and education. My conclusions from this research as well as my own experience, is that most professional musicians have felt and still feel, that the life of a professional musician is a psychologically difficult one. Many professional musicians struggle with self-confidence and a sense of identity, thus paving the way for a life of anxiety and neurosis. It is my ambition to help ease the suffering of musicians everywhere by raising awareness of these issues through blogs and workshops as well as providing personal coaching sessions for musicians who wish to remedy these unfortunate issues.

In my final two years at BIMM Dublin, I specialised in composition for visual media. I was always an admirer of film music, especially the works of John Williams and Hans Zimmer so it was probably inevitable that I would begin to work in this area. I've worked on some small independent short films and I'm also currently composing an audio reel for presentation purposes. See the composition page for more information.

Personally, I enjoy sports, martial arts, gaming, practicing spirituality and meditation and reading philosophy and history.