Mark is a very versatile guitarist/musician. I wish he’d been around when I was trying to learn the instrument.
— Hugh Buckley, jazz guitarist and music educator

Music education has been a passion of mine for the past number of years. Education derives from the verb "to educe" and I believe it is the responsibility of all music educators to educe within their students the latent musical talent present within all of us. The simple transmission of prescribed material from one generation to another is not the path to progress. It is often through this route that most students become disinterested and simply give up. Music education should be facilitating and cater to the unique needs and goals of the individual. So whether you are a beginning guitar player, or an experienced player looking to get more out of your music, I can help you achieve your goals with unique and enjoyable programs designed exclusively around you and your needs.

I found Mark to be knowledgeable, patient and flexible in his teaching style. He took the time to discuss and understand what I wanted to achieve before developing the lessons around these targets. I found this approach to be very effective and I would recommend Mark without reservation.
— Danny Johnston, guitar student

I travel to students homes in order to allow for their busy schedules, ensuring that lessons are scheduled at the most convenient times for you. I cover the greater Dublin area and East Kildare/Meath. Each student receives a 10- week scheme of work, giving them a consistent path of progress and allowing them to focus on short-term goals so as to progress faster and enable a sense of achievement. There is no set syllabus; programmes are designed with the students goals and desires in mind while also ensuring that all necessary musical fundamentals are covered within each lesson.

I encourage some students to take graded exams. While this is by no means mandatory, some students do enjoy working within a more formal framework. In this regard I work with the RSL Rockschool Acoustic and Electric Guitar syllabus.

Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons: €40 per hour

Beginner to Advanced Music Theory: €40 per hour