Mark helped me reconnect with my passion and love for music. His approach helped inspire me to practice more mindfully and he really helped me to find that space where I can get truly lost in the music. Thanks to him I’ve fallen back in love with my cello!
— Friederike Lelas, professional cellist and music teacher

Throughout my time as an aspiring professional musician, I struggled deeply with many issues relating to playing music professionally. Some of these issues came in the form of neurosis, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, insecurity and self-loathing. From my own personal experiences and the research I conducted, it became quite apparent to me that I was not alone in feeling like this, despite the impression that I was! After two research projects, six years of music education and six years of 'real' world experience, I have arrived at the conclusion that there exists within the professional music circuit an unspoken and oft-avoided truth. This truth, the proverbial elephant in the room, is fear. Fear of many things;  fear of failure, fear of loss of reputation, fear of never being good enough, fear of non-validation from one's peers, fear of never 'self-actualizing'. The list is quite long. As a result of this fear, we become trapped in a downward spiral of depression and anxiety unable to enjoy the fruits of our labour! It is generally assumed that this is simply part and parcel of being a musician and one learns to deal with it eventually as more experience is acquired. I do not subscribe to this opinion. One only needs to look at the history of substance abuse within the arts to see that these psychological issues never truly go away, despite the experience or success that one acquires. 

Mark drew my attention to the fact that I didn’t necessarily have a confidence issue, but that I was too attached to the outcome of my work. Fear of failure, perpetually comparing myself to others, negative labeling of myself; I wasn’t even aware I was doing these things! Working with Mark has made me much more self-aware and I’m now looking deeper into myself as a person, not just a musician.
— Queeva, recording artist and session vocalist

From my own experiential learning, my own primary research, extensive source reading from leading music educators such as Kenny Werner, Barry Green and Susan Hallam, I have devised a comprehensive method for musicians/artists to help them get to grips with the issues that are holding them back from accessing their full creative powers. I also draw on my 13 years of martial arts and meditation experience, incorporating philosophical practices from Zen Buddhism and Taoism to provide the musician/artist with a more holistic approach to their music/creative output. This fusion of Occidental and Oriental methodologies provides new passion and perspective to one's art and helps to educe the latent creative potential within all of us. 

Very comfortable and relaxed environment. Mark stripped away all the egotistical , self-critical baggage that usually comes with musical performance. Inspiring, uplifting and great vibes!
— Kevin Rowe, professional guitarist

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