Music Production

Everyone has the potential to write great songs. If you can talk/whistle/hum a tune, then you can write a song or a piece of music. What holds most people back is the lack of skill and knowledge in the actual production process. That is to say a lack of skill and knowledge in areas such as recording/mixing/mastering/music theory/song crafting etc. It’s often these areas that frustrate artists the most when trying to get their projects to actually sound like they do in their head! This is where I come in!

I must say I have just been given a great piece of music. Mark has taken a very rough idea and created something special. Mark has an excellent attitude toward customer service and possesses amazing talent. I never thought my song could sound this good.
— Pat Butler

I’ve worked with hundreds of artists in Ireland from solo instrumentalists/vocalists to bands/ensembles of various sizes. No project is too small and I’m available to work at any stage in the process from pre-production to post-production. If you need your demos/tracks/recordings to get to an industry standard quality but aren’t sure how, then feel free to get in touch.

Music production (and the music industry) can be a daunting area. I’m here to take the mystique and confusion out of the process and to help you get your project to where it should sound.

Contact me at to discuss how I can help you with your project.

I asked Mark to come over and record three of my pieces for acoustic guitar. I found the standard of his recording technique exact. He was clear in his aims and I felt perfectly comfortable in his presence. Later he sent me the results; which were clear and precise. His mixing and mastering is impeccable and I would recommend him to anyone looking for professional production.
— Andrew Keeling